In the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the situation on the ground continues to be dire, and Ukraine needs urgent humanitarian aid. Dedicated volunteers across the United States have taken up the mantle, rallying support for the ‘Ukraine Needs Our Help Now’ campaign. This impassioned initiative aims to provide vital medical equipment and supplies to the people of Ukraine. Read on to learn more about the campaign and how you can help.

Amidst Deteriorating Conditions, Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine is in Critical Shortfall – Your Support Can Make a Difference

Volunteers from trusted non-profit organizations have worked tirelessly since Russia’s full-scale invasion to provide medical aid to Ukraine. This campaign combines the efforts of United Help Ukraine, a trusted non-profit organization (, and other non-profit organizations and established clubs/associations. These organizations working in collaboration aim to collect and distribute medical aid on a broader scale. As with many other ruthless dictator-led regimes, Russia’s aggression will be stopped with the help of freedom-loving people, united in their resolve to overcome brutality.

United Help Ukraine

In regular contact with relief workers in Ukraine, volunteers are sounding the alarm about the dire conditions and the urgent need for continued aid, especially medical equipment and supplies. The ‘Ukraine Needs Our Help Now’ campaign was launched to address this need, but needs the support of individuals and organizations to raise funds for the much-needed medical equipment and supplies. The non-profit organizations together can secure medical equipment and supplies at reduced costs, however, funds are dwindling at these organizations. Help is needed to offset the cost of the medical equipment and supplies, and for the long haul shipments to and within  Ukraine.

United Help Ukraine Truck
United Help Ukraine’s established warehouse and distribution infrastructure in Ukraine will arrange to distribute medical equipment and supplies for the ‘Ukraine Needs Our Help Now’ campaign.

A Race Against Time: Urgency Behind the ‘Ukraine Needs Our Help Now’ Campaign

Today’s harsh reality is that delays in the delivery of medical aid is costing lives, and the number of casualties continues to rise. This stark truth underscores the urgency behind this campaign and reveals the profound significance behind the name of the campaign.

The campaign aims to secure funding for as many medical equipment/supply shipments as possible with a target of 3 shipments to start. Each overseas shipping container requires $8,000 per shipment to subsidize the medical equipment and supplies.

Navigating the Path to Support: A Roadmap for Donors

United Help Ukraine is helping to lead the charge. The organization has already secured the delivery of a bloodmobile and tons of medical equipment/supplies to Ukraine. The organizatoin has an established warehouse in Kyiv and will arrange to distribute the equipment/supplies within Ukraine via this distribution point and its established relationships with hospitals and organizations throughout Ukraine. For those interested in supporting the campaign with a donation, it is important to note that United Help Ukraine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.

United Help Ukraine
Medical Supplies

The Call for Campaign Supporters Is On

We urge readers to join the call for much-needed medical equipment and supplies. Interested supporters should contact the Campaign Coordinator with any questions and for guidance on how to donate to the campaign:

Ken Witkowich, Campaign Coordinator
Tel: 352.287.2536