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Contribute a personal story or guest blog article to Spotlight Ukraine

Spotlight Ukraine is a place for sharing stories about all things Ukraine. We welcome you to share your personal story, observations, and reflections on Ukrainians affected by the war, heroes fighting on the front lines, and global citizens who are working tirelessly to provide support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its people. We welcome contributions from anyone who has been touched by this humanitarian crisis.

We are also looking for contributions from anyone who shares a love and understanding of Ukrainian culture both past and present, as we strive to be teachers of Ukrainian history and traditions. We believe that cultural preservation is vital for the future of Ukraine—and all of humanity. There is concerted effort underway to erase Ukrainian history and culture altogether. As Ukraine’s museums, monuments, historical sites, and all aspects of Ukrainian culture are under attack, Spotlight Ukraine is striving to help preserve the distinct Ukrainian culture by sharing information about Ukraine’s fascinating and rich history and traditions. We welcome contributions from anyone who has first-hand experience and knowledge of Ukrainian history or culture.  And we encourage a range of article ideas; for example, if you’re a fan of Ukrainian cuisine, send us your favorite recipe.

Attention nonprofits and fundraisers:

If you are leading a fundraising campaign for Ukraine, hosting a fundraising event for Ukraine, or a nonprofit supporting Ukraine, let us know about your work. We are happy to share information about your organization, fundraising campaign or event as a blog article, and will share information through Spotlight Ukraine social media.

How to submit a personal story or guest blog article to Spotlight Ukraine

Please complete the Spotlight Ukraine contributor form at right to submit your story idea for review. Provide a working headline and describe your story/article in two to three paragraphs.  Also tell us a little about who you are and your connection to Ukraine.

We will review your story idea and get in touch with you as quickly as possible. Spotlight Ukraine reserves the right to accept or reject any submission. As a volunteer initiative, story submissions are not paid at this time.

Please note that stories and articles submitted to Spotlight Ukraine must be your original work. Any references in your story/article to copyrighted work must adhere to Fair Use guidelines and include the proper attribution/reference to the original work as part of your submission.

Before submitting a story, please carefully review the Spotlight Ukraine Contributor Submission Terms.