Who We Are


Spotlight Ukraine is a space for sharing stories about experiences, encounters, and reflections of Ukrainians, volunteers and aid workers — all facing the tragedy in Ukraine first hand. It is also a space for recognizing the remarkable heroes fighting on the front lines and the humanitarians from all over the world who are lending support.

Through written blogs, photographs and videos, we want to give voice to the day-to-day reality of facing the fight for freedom, the impact on neighborhoods and communities in Ukraine and beyond. Spotlight Ukraine is a collaborative community where these stories can be told, and voices can be heard. We welcome original contributions from the Ukrainian community and others with family or a personal connection on the ground, who are feeling the reverberations from a distance.


Spotlight Ukraine is also a vivid celebration of the Ukrainian identity, culture, and unrelenting spirit as we shine a spotlight on Ukraine’s rich and unique cultural heritage – from language, history and traditions to arts, food, and fashion.

Now more than ever, cultural preservation is vital for not only Ukraine, but all of humanity. Russian justification for invading Ukraine centers around the falsehood that Ukraine is not a real country, but a creation of communist Russia, without its own history or genuine national traditions. This is simply incorrect. Through cultural preservation, we can push back on the false narrative.

Ukraine’s museums, monuments, and historical sites have been under attack since the unprovoked war started, and there is a concerted effort underway to erase Ukrainian history and culture altogether. As physical monuments, artwork, and other aspects of Ukrainian culture are brutally destroyed, Spotlight Ukraine will continue to share the distinct, glorious, and fascinating culture of Ukraine.


As well as creating a space for stories and celebrating culture, we hope to raise money – both directly and indirectly – to support the millions of Ukrainian people who have been affected by the war and are now relying on the kindness, compassion, and generosity of their fellow global citizens in the midst of such uncertainty. The Spotlight Ukraine shop offers a range of items inspired by Ukraine. Profits from the shop are being donated to nonprofit organizations supporting Ukrainians affected by the war. We are also generating awareness of the incredible work of nonprofit organizations and how to make direct donations to these organizations.

Spotlight Ukraine Shop


As a global community, we are facing extraordinary times. And as the war in Ukraine rages on, it can be difficult to find a sense of hope amongst the destruction, despair, and brutality that is taking place. History has time and again proven that tragedy brings out the best and worst of humanity. This war – an unprovoked, senseless and brutal war – is no different. In the midst of the current tragedy, we are witnessing the worst of humanity. But we have also witnessed some of the best. We have experienced moments of hope fueled by the stories of the resilient and extraordinarily brave Ukrainian people led by the exceptional President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as well as the generous human spirit and selflessness of humanitarians worldwide. These people and stories are the inspiration for Spotlight Ukraine. We must continue to share stories that give all of us hope that the human spirit will somehow prevail and see us through to a better tomorrow – through human connection, kindness, strength, and storytelling.

We hope you find the stories that we share eye-opening, inspirational, and galvanizing. At times, the stories may be challenging because this is a place for contributors to be real, open, and grounded. We invite your contributions and hope that you tell family and friends to visit. Whether you are engaging with Spotlight Ukraine as a contributor, a Ukrainian local, overseas friend, or from a place of helplessness and human compassion, thank you for standing with Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!