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When Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, it was more than an attack on the Ukrainian people, their unique cultural identity, and their sovereignty as a state. The political, economic, humanitarian and national security reverberations of this war are reshaping the world order. And the world took notice.

The team behind Spotlight Ukraine was brought together by our shared reactions of horror, anger and grief.

We were moved to join with the global community to help support Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people. Our founder’s heritage as a child of Ukrainian immigrant parents, and her immersion in the vibrant culture of this community during her upbringing in New York, made the invasion and unfolding atrocities all the more painful to watch.

Inspired by her work with exceptional creatives and marketing professionals, Christine Mariconda assembled a team that knows and understands the power of personal storytelling to engage, move and motivate an audience. We have leveraged our backgrounds in communications, marketing and design to bring Spotlight Ukraine to life, and will continue to nurture and grow this community, and to maximize its impact.

Voices of pain, anger, hope and celebration.

Spotlight Ukraine is a vessel for sharing stories to keep Ukraine in the public eye, move people to do what they can to help, and help defend and preserve Ukraine’s unique cultural heritage. Stories about people directly impacted by the war, and aid volunteers within Ukraine and on the border, shine a spotlight on the reality of human suffering, resilience, compassion and strength. At the same time, stories from Ukrainian communities around the world play their part to promote and celebrate Ukraine’s unique culture in direct contrast to Putin’s attempts to deny the existence of a sovereign state with its rich, vibrant and distinctive identity.

We are encouraging guest writers and bloggers to contribute their stories, and we endeavor to collaborate with cultural organizations, Ukrainian artists and historians, and those with close connections to the Ukrainian community to share articles about Ukrainian culture for a diverse and ever-evolving collection of voices – real human stories of pain, anger and grief, alongside stories of hope and inspiration, and celebration of Ukrainian culture. Spotlight Ukraine is also a powerful tool for fundraising, through our shop, our World Central Kitchen fundraising campaign, and by highlighting other non-profits and fundraising events that are supporting Ukraine.

And it doesn’t come to an end once the military battles are over. When the destruction ends and the people of Ukraine begin the work of rebuilding, we will keep shining a spotlight on Ukraine, raising awareness and raising funds, and doing what we can to stand with the Ukrainian people.

 Slava Ukraini! 

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