Razom – Together We Are Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to bring immense tragedy, with tens of thousands of lives lost, injuries sustained, and millions forced to flee their homes. People from all over the world have come together to support Ukraine through donations, volunteer work, advocacy, and more. Against all odds, the courageous and resilient Ukrainians have fought back and have made territorial gains since the start of the war, yet there is no end to the war in sight. Now more than ever, it’s critical for Ukrainians and supporters of Ukraine from around the world to remain steadfast in their commitment to support Ukraine. Ukrainians are not only fighting to preserve their own independence but also for our common values and freedom from aggression for all of us.

We invite you to show your support for Ukraine through our “I Stand With Ukraine” giving campaign on Bonfire. There you can purchase a tee-shirt, mug, or other merchandise that features a unique design that encapsulates the spirit of Ukraine. All profits from the “I Stand With Ukraine” giving campaign go directly to Razom for Ukraine, a verified and trusted nonprofit organization, that is providing vital assistance to Ukrainians impacted by the war and to the freedom fighters on the frontlines.

Uniting for Ukraine’s Progress

Razom for Ukraine exemplifies the power of collective action and the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals come together for a common cause. Through their dedication, resourcefulness, and unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s progress, Razom for Ukraine has become a catalyst for positive change since the Revolution of Dignity in 2014.

Razom for Ukraine, which means “Together for Ukraine” in Ukrainian, embodies the spirit of collaboration and solidarity. Their mission revolves around mobilizing resources and fostering cooperation to address critical challenges faced by Ukraine. By uniting Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine worldwide, Razom for Ukraine has created a global community dedicated to supporting the country’s growth. And during this time of crisis, Razom was among the first organizations to respond.

How It All Started

Razom was born out of the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 when millions of people worked together and risked their lives to build a pathway to a better future for Ukraine. Since then, Razom has initiated a wide range of short and long-term projects and has collaborated on existing projects with partner organizations to help Ukraine foster democracy and prosperity, which include education and social initiatives, humanitarian assistance, and cultural preservation.  Learn more about Razom’s initiatives at https://www.razomforukraine.org/.

Razom’s Response to Russia’s Full-scale Invasion

When Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Razom immediately mobilized an emergency response to save lives. Razom:

  • provides critical humanitarian war relief and recovery to address the most urgent needs as they evolve and has built an end-to-end procurement and delivery system that places all aid directly into the hands of the people in Ukraine, providing tactical medical kits, hospital supplies, medicines, and communication equipment to first responder units on the frontlines.
  • helps local Ukrainian volunteer organizations provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the war. This includes delivering food and medicine, evacuating people, and providing shelter.
  • works with trusted organizations that understand the local needs firsthand and have a proven track record of humanitarian service.
  • assists newly arriving displaced Ukrainians (DUs) in the US through its partnership with another Ukrainian nonprofit, Ukrainian Jersey City.

Razom also continuously advocates for Ukraine by educating about policies that strengthen and support Ukraine, building trusted connections with civic leaders, activists, and elected officials in Ukraine and the US to relay critical information to the public, media, businesses, and government officials. The goal is to advocate for a decisive Ukrainian victory, as this is a fundamental security interest for the US and its allies. Razom has activated constituents across the US, held weekly rallies, and engaged businesses.

Show Your Support for Ukraine!

Shop to support Razom’s vital work. When you purchase a tee-shirt, mug, or other merch through the “I Stand With Ukraine” giving campaign on Bonfire, you will not only show your support for Ukraine, but contribute to helping Ukraine prevail. 100% of all profits generated through the “I Stand With Ukraine” giving campaign on Bonfire go directly to Razom for Ukraine. Additional donations to Razom for Ukraine can also be made during the checkout process.

To learn more about Razom for Ukraine, their projects, and how you can contribute to their mission, visit their official website at: https://www.razomforukraine.org/

Together, we can make a difference.