Restoring Basic Needs for Ukraine’s Freedom Fighters through Mobile Laundry and Shower Units

As the war in Ukraine nears its two-year mark, the hardship and grime of battle has caught up to frontline soldiers. While brave men and women continue the fight to preserve Ukraine’s freedom, conditions for soldiers surviving on the frontlines are abysmal. Access to resources for basic hygiene is virtually non-existent on the frontlines. Dignitas Ukraine, a trusted 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing disaster relief in Ukraine, has spearheaded the ‘Mobile Laundry and Shower Units (MSLU)’ fundraiser to provide soldiers on the front lines with access to critical resources for basic hygiene. In collaboration with United Help Ukraine and Spirit of America, Dignitas aims to deliver ten more Ukrainian-made mobile shower and laundry complexes to the frontlines, helping to restore the dignity of soldiers jeopardized by limited access to clean conditions.

Why The Focus on Laundry and Shower Units?

Life for a soldier on the front lines is a relentless cycle of uncertainty and danger, where the haunting sound of incoming artillery is followed by thunderous explosions that resonate through makeshift shelters. In these dire conditions, frontline warriors face the constant threat of missile strikes and gunfire, turning survival into a daily triumph. Every day, soldiers face destruction and death, and as the war drags on, it becomes increasingly challenging to stay motivated amidst the chaos. In this extreme environment, even basic necessities become luxuries, and personal discomfort compounds for soldiers as the dirt and grime of combat literally build on their bodies and clothes. As Bezdorizhzhya, the muddy season in Ukraine, has given way to winter, the imminent threat of freezing temperatures intensifies the urgency for these warriors to have access to basic resources like showers, washers, and dryers.

Ukraine Battlefield
Ukraine Battlefield
Ukraine Battlefield

Days, weeks, and months in trenches with the stress of a country’s defense weigh heavily on the minds and bodies of Ukrainian soldiers – but a basic shower offers a momentary refuge for those risking their lives, in addition to preventing harmful skin diseases. Maintaining high morale among frontline soldiers is crucial, while poor hygienic conditions pose a significant challenge to morale and health.

9 out of 10 Ukrainian defenders experienced suicidal thoughts because of this difficult situation.

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Dignitas Ukraine

The Ukrainian first responders and defenders who protect the lives of millions have limited access to water, showers, and laundry facilities needed for basic hygiene. When these basic human needs are unmet, personal dignity is compromised. For defenders and first responders on the frontlines, it becomes extremely difficult to stay motivated to help and protect others when you can’t protect your own body from skin diseases and general health issues.

The MSLU Fundraiser Goal: 10 More Mobile Units

The Mobile Shower Laundry Unit (MSLU) fundraiser aims to preserve the dignity of men and women defending Ukraine on the battlefield. Donations are used to produce made-in-Ukraine mobile complexes with showers and laundries. The mobile complexes provide soldiers access to clean clothes and hot showers, fulfilling basic human needs essential for keeping morale high among soldiers fighting to preserve Ukraine’s freedom.

Providing access to showers and laundries for basic hygiene is essential to preserving the health and morale of soldiers fighting on the frontlines. The Dignitas MLSU fundraiser aims to provide relief to soldiers facing brutal conditions. We hope to generate enough donations to add another 10 mobile complexes to the front lines,

Yulia O’Connell

Development Director at Dignitas

Dignitas states that each unit – consisting of two washers, two dryers, two showers, a heated water container, and a diesel generator – serves approximately 50 people daily.  The cost for one mobile complex is approximately $20K and it takes 3 weeks to produce each one before Dignitas arranges for direct delivery to the front lines.

MSLU Assembly
Assembling MSLU
MSLU washers and dryers
MSLU assembling
Assembling MSLU
MSLU unit

While Dignitas has already delivered 15 units in 2023, the nonprofit aims to fulfill its current goal of providing an additional 10 units. The MLSU fundraiser endeavors to raise $200k for this purpose. The health benefits and positive impact on morale stemming from the MLSU initiative are apparent, underscoring the significance of reaching the fundraising goal.

MSLU unit driving

Restoring Dignity on the Frontlines: Join the Mission with Dignitas’ Mobile Laundry and Shower Units

We urge all supporters of Ukraine to contribute to this important initiative, no donation is too small. To learn more and donate to the Dignitas MSLU campaign, visit the Dignitas Ukraine website here:

Shown above are some of the key people making the MSLU initiative a reality. 

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