About The Portrait Ukraine Project

In a world where crises are often reduced to cold statistics and faceless figures, the true power of personal storytelling emerges as a beacon of understanding and compassion. Personal narratives serve as a potent antidote to dehumanization, offering glimpses into the strength, anguish, and hope experienced by individuals affected by crises such as the war in Ukraine. These stories draw back the curtain on the stark realities of war, reminding us that every data point conceals a life full of dreams and a voice that demands to be heard.

At Spotlight Ukraine, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of personal storytelling to support Ukraine. By partnering with photojournalist Allan Mestel, we aim to illuminate the personal stories of those deeply affected by Ukraine’s enduring struggle to preserve its freedom, democracy, and cultural heritage. Together, we are advancing the Portrait Ukraine project, sharing stories of those significantly impacted by the war. We celebrate the Unsung Heroes who work tirelessly day in and day out to support those in need. We also honor the fallen heroes, veterans, and soldiers currently fighting on the front lines.

While words hold their own magic in personal storytelling, the visual medium carries a unique weight. Photographs immortalize moments, preserving the raw essence of the human experience. Visual storytelling transcends linguistic barriers, evoking immediate and powerful emotional responses. A single image can instantly convey pain, resilience, joy, or hope. Allan Mestel’s photography is at the heart of the Portrait Ukraine project with our blog stories combining the unique power of visual storytelling with written narratives that provide additional context.

Our aim with the Portrait Ukraine project is to keep Ukraine in the public consciousness through personal storytelling while documenting the truth of what is happening in Ukraine. We strive to engage audiences and inspire continued support for Ukraine, whether through donations to nonprofits, volunteer work, advocacy, or other means—both now and when it comes time to rebuild.

The Evolution of the Portrait Ukraine Project

Since the early months of the full-scale invasion, Spotlight Ukraine and Allan Mestel have collaborated to share the profound impact of the war and the resilience of the Ukrainian people. Through this partnership, we have chronicled Allan’s continuous journeys to Ukraine, capturing and featuring the personal stories and images of those he has met and photographed. These powerful images and narratives reveal the human truths behind the war. We highlight both the harsh realities and the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people, sharing their stories of endurance and hope.

Allan’s first journey led him to the Ukraine/Poland border, where he documented the heart-wrenching refugee crisis in the wake of the full-scale invasion.

Ukraine/Poland Border

Allan’s subsequent trip documented the aftermath of Russia’s military onslaught, capturing the human cost borne by the Ukrainian people. These evocative images garnered widespread recognition through various media outlets and a photo exhibition. Beyond their visual impact, they mobilized support for non-profits aiding Ukrainians affected by the war and those on the frontlines. Spotlight Ukraine featured Allan’s first two journeys back in 2022.


In August of 2023, Allan embarked on his third journey to Ukraine. He set forth on a mission to encapsulate the stories of those indelibly marked by the war. Beginning in Kyiv, his journey traversed the eastern regions of Ukraine, where he photographed civilians and military personnel impacted by the war.

His subjects spanned individuals who had lost homes and livelihoods, those grappling with life-altering injuries, and those who bear the heavy burden of losing loved ones. Through the art of portraiture, Mestel aimed to distill the intricate dimensions of the war’s impact into individual visual stories, forging an intimate connection between viewers and the uncompromising reality of war.

Through his photographic journey, he uncovered not only stories of tragedy but also those that illuminated the remarkable resilience, courage, and indomitable hope of the Ukrainian people that burn brightly even in these darkest of times. These narratives of strength serve as inspiration, reminding us of the power of the human spirit to overcome the most dire challenges.

In early 2023, a collection of portraits from his journeys to Ukraine was curated for a photo exhibition at the Lexow Gallery in Sarasota, Florida. The exhibition was titled, “ПОРТРЕТ УКРАЇНА [Portrait Ukraine] – Capturing Faces of Resistance Amid The Chaos of War.” Here you can see a preview of the portraits that were curated for the exhibition. 

:Portrait Ukraine Exhibition

Capturing Courage and the Unsung Heroes: Allan Mestel’s Fourth Journey to Ukraine

In May 2024, Allan embarked on his fourth journey to Ukraine. This time, he focused on capturing portraits of the unsung heroes of Ukraine.

In times of crisis, it is often the quiet, selfless actions of ordinary people that have a profound positive impact on helping others. We’re honoring the Unsung Heroes in our current blog series. These individuals dedicate themselves tirelessly to assisting those in need without seeking fame or fortune; their rewards are the small victories they help achieve, the lives they touch, and the hope they kindle. The unsung heroes—volunteers, aid workers, and everyday people – step into the breach, driven by a profound sense of duty and compassion. As Ukraine continues to defend itself against an unprovoked and brutal invasion, the unsung heroes are more crucial than ever, embodying the spirit of resistance and the fight for freedom.

Allan spent five weeks traveling throughout Ukraine on this trip, most of which he spent partnering with the nonprofit organization United Help Ukraine (UHU). He visited over 30 project sites, where he photographed UHU volunteers and aid workers working tirelessly to support Ukraine and those impacted by the war. He documented UHU’s many humanitarian efforts, from assisting wounded soldiers to supporting orphanages and delivering supplies to frontline defenders.

On his last leg of this journey, Allan reconnected with Lana Niland, the Founder of the nonprofit organization Ukrainian Patriot. Allan met Lana on a previous trip and, since then, was determined to meet her again and photograph the people behind this last-mile organization who provide vital aid and support to defenders on the front lines.

Through his lens, Allan highlights the resilience and courage of these unsung heroes, bringing their stories to the forefront—continuing the mission of the Portrait Ukraine project.

Looking Ahead to the Next Chapter

The Portrait Ukraine project will continue beyond the current Unsung Heroes blog series. Our aim is to continue documenting and sharing the personal stories of resilience and hope that emerge during this ongoing war. By continuing to shed light on these narratives, we underscore the importance of recognizing the humanity behind the headlines. This project is vital in fostering global understanding and empathy, reminding the world of the enduring spirit and strength of the Ukrainian people. Through continued storytelling, we aim to inspire action and continued support for Ukraine’s fight for freedom.

We hope that you will check back often, follow us on social media, and share links to the personal stories of the Portrait Ukraine project. Please help us keep Ukraine in the spotlight. Follow this link to access the Portrait Ukraine blog series.