The ongoing war in Ukraine is a devastating tragedy that has left tens of thousands of people dead or wounded, and millions of Ukrainians displaced. Despite fierce resistance from Ukrainian forces, the conflict has entered its second year, with no end in sight. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of such brutality and devastation. However, you can make a difference in the lives of those impacted by the war, whether that means sharing stories about what’s happening on the ground, advocating for government support, volunteering for a non-profit, or making a donation to a fundraising campaign.

One more way to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is by participating in our FREEDOM Giving Campaign for Ukraine on Bonfire. This campaign was created to help drive donations to the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, a trusted non-profit organization that’s making a big impact to support Ukraine and Ukrainians in need during this time of crisis.

Advocating, Educating, Cultivating, and Caring

The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA) was one of the first non-profit organizations to provide support on the front lines in Ukraine; in fact, UNWLA has been supporting Ukraine for decades, since the organization was founded in 1925. Watch this video to gain insight into UNWLA’s humanitarian assistance and other forms of support.

The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America’s take on helping Ukraine during times of war.

Being around for nearly a century as a non-profit organization focusing on Ukraine, the UNWLA is no stranger to aiding its historic motherland in times of crisis. Yet with the offset of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the humanitarian crisis Ukrainian civilians had to endure has reached unprecedented peaks.

UNWLA has been a vital source of support for the people of Ukraine. The organization has been among the first to recognize the need to urgently send critical medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals: vacuum wound treatment devices and external fixators. An official partner of the ministry of health of Ukraine, UNWLA continues to supply Ukrainian hospitals with medicine, devices, and supplies to treat the military and civilians injured due to Russian missile strikes on civilian infrastructure. The highest toll is often inflicted on the most vulnerable in the midst and chaos of war. Usually, those are women, children, and older adults.

In the first year of the full-scale invasion, UNWLA focused its efforts on helping orphanages and foster families. Over 1000 kids were evacuated to Poland and Germany, and over 250+ little Ukrainians were invited to convalesce and rehabilitate mentally during summer and winter camps for children funded by the UNWLA. The camps offer a range of activities, including arts and crafts, sports, and counseling services. They are a critical source of support for children who have been traumatized by war. An official Childhood Without War Project partner, the UNWLA ladies have helped 1786 children evacuated from Ukraine to settle in Turkey and receive ongoing care and education. 

The Keep Ukraine Warm Campaign, launched by the UNWLA in late 2022, supplied over 70+ small-town communities with necessities to survive winter, when their infrastructure was severely damaged by Russian attacks. Local primary care centers, schools, and elderly care facilities received wood-burning stoves, blankets, generators, and much-needed windows and doors repairs.

UNWLA’s ongoing work is a testament to the organization’s commitment to advocating, educating, cultivating, and caring for Ukrainians worldwide. By supporting this effort, you support freedom fighters.

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