Delivering Vital Aid: A Collaborative Effort

Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, under the compassionate guidance of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis, has exemplified unwavering dedication to humanitarian efforts, particularly in extending support to regions in dire need. Their initiative to aid Ukraine symbolizes solidarity and generosity during the crisis. In this blog, we highlight Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, its commitment to Ukraine, and how it is expanding its support through partnerships with Global Medical Knowledge Alliance (GMKA) and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA).

A Legacy of Support: Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach’s Long-Standing Commitment to Humanitarian Aid

Since its founding in 2002, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach has been dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people worldwide through the responsible donation of medical supplies, equipment, and support services. With a steadfast commitment to humanitarian efforts, it was inevitable that they would become a strong supporter of Ukraine and a contributor of critical aid.

One of their early efforts was a medical aid shipment organized in April 2023. Through a collaborative effort facilitated by the Catholic Health Association, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach embarked on a profound endeavor alongside esteemed partners such as the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB), and the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC). Together, they orchestrated the delivery of a 40-foot container brimming with critical medical supplies and equipment to hospitals across central and western Ukraine.

This monumental shipment, weighing in at 16,000 pounds and valued at approximately $300,000, encompassed a comprehensive array of essential resources. CMMB’s contribution of requested pharmaceuticals complemented the generous donations from Catholic health systems in the Midwest, which included vital equipment like an EKG/ECG unit, trauma kits, surgical instruments, and general medical supplies.

Hospital Mission Outreach
Mission Outreach volunteer Tim Davies with a blue cart packed for Ukraine.

The container arrived in Poland in June 2023, where the Knights of Columbus diligently received and facilitated its onward journey to Ukraine. The distribution process unfolded throughout the summer and fall, with clinicians gratefully accepting the provisions, including the symbolic blue cart meticulously packed by Mission Outreach volunteers.

The impact of this humanitarian mission resonated deeply when Monsignor Robert Vitillo, secretary-general of ICMC, witnessed firsthand the tangible difference made by the shipment in rural Ukrainian hospitals overwhelmed by the influx of displaced individuals from war zones. The heartfelt gratitude expressed by medical directors, local officials, and chaplains underscored the profound significance of Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach’s contribution to alleviating suffering and saving lives.

Shipment delivered to recipient hospital in Ukraine.

Continued Commitment: Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach’s Ongoing Support

Inspired by the resounding success of their initial endeavor, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach continues its unwavering commitment to supporting communities in Ukraine facing profound challenges. Building upon their foundation of compassion and solidarity, they persist in their mission to alleviate suffering and provide essential support to those in need across the region.

Latest Collaboration: Joining Forces with GMKA and Ukrainian Congress Committee of America

As Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach continues its dedication to aiding Ukraine, it is now supporting a new collaboration with Global Medical Knowledge Alliance (GMKA) and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) to provide another emergency medical container to Ukraine. GMKA and UCCA are both 501(c)(3) charities that are deeply devoted to Ukraine’s plight, and the decision to combine resources for Ukraine’s benefit was an easy one. GMKA provides medical expertise in every specialization, and UCCA offers expert logistical operations and has an unmatched history of supporting Ukraine with humanitarian aid. UCCA has been supporting Ukraine’s welfare since its formation in 1939 and is one of the strongest Ukrainian support associations in the world today.

 An Unyielding Commitment to Ukraine: Organizations Need More Support

These nonprofit organizations are working tirelessly and providing tremendous support, but with the war escalating, they need more resources to keep their efforts going. Ukrainian military and civilian casualties continue to mount as Russia charges into Ukraine’s lesser-defended agricultural frontier towns and villages near Kharkiv. Ukrainian defenders have raced to these areas to repulse the attacks, but russia continues to bombard civilian residential centers. All along the 600+ mile front line, civilians are targeted with missiles, artillery, and very deadly glide bombs.

Please be a force for good and support the vital aid initiatives of organizations such as Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, GMKA, and UCCA. Each container costs $8,000 to supplement, and additional funds are needed for overseas/overland delivery. Containers are often loaded with over $300,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment for Ukrainian hospitals. Those wishing to assist in delivering this container are urged to use this link to visit GMKA’s donation page.

How You Can Help

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Please consider donating to GMKA, who is improving trauma and complex medical care in Ukraine and globally by creating physician and patient educational content that is evidence-based and written by experts. Learn more about GMKA here:

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