Show Your Support for Ukraine

We’re on a mission to keep Ukraine in the spotlight and to support the Ukrainian people, their sovereignty as a state, and their unique cultural identity through the power of storytelling, advocacy, and fundraising.

We’re committed to supporting Ukraine by amplifying the messages of nonprofit organizations helping Ukraine and promoting Ukrainian fundraising events and other initiatives organized by individuals, businesses, and other groups. We are also focused on our own fundraising efforts such as the Spotlight Ukraine campaign to support World Central Kitchen.

Our shop is yet another vehicle designed to support Ukraine. It offers a range of items featuring Ukrainian inspired designs that you can purchase to show your support for Ukraine. Proceeds from the shop are used to help fuel Spotlight Ukraine and for donations to non-profit organizations that we highlight in our blog.

Are you an artist or graphic designer who wants to support Ukraine?

If you’re interested in donating a design to the Spotlight Ukraine store, please contact us through our online form.

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