Amid relentless warfare ravaging Ukraine, beams of hope and refuge emerge, illuminating the path through the efforts of charitable organizations. Among these, Ukrainian Patriot stands as a beacon, guiding international support to provide vital relief to a nation in crisis. Born from the crucible of unforeseen and harrowing circumstances, Ukrainian Patriot’s genesis embodies resilience, compassion, and the unwavering commitment to making a tangible difference.

How It All Started

Ukrainian Patriot is a trusted non-profit organization of Ukrainians and internationals working tirelessly to support Ukrainians. The organization’s genesis traces back to a pivotal moment in February 2022, when one of its founders, Lana Niland, found herself in her Kyiv apartment, closely monitoring the news as Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine unfolded. Uncertainty loomed large, prompting questions about survival and whether to flee Ukraine’s capital city, an obvious target of the invasion, or to stay.

Amid the chaos that ensued in the early days and weeks, Lana made a transformative decision. Instead of succumbing to fear, Lana, together with Daria Malin, Dean Furbush, and Lyalya Fonarova, founded Ukrainian Patriot. The catalyst for this initiative was the grim reality of daily life in Kyiv – block posts at every turn, charred remnants of vehicles lining the streets, and the ominous threat of a 60-kilometer-long column of tanks advancing towards the city. Amidst this backdrop, the founders observed ordinary individuals, not unlike themselves, transformed by the weight of circumstance, now armed at every checkpoint.

In the ensuing days, weeks, and months, Lana’s home quickly transformed into a makeshift barrack for international medics seeking refuge and a base for humanitarian operations. With each passing day, the stars aligned as more and more people, donations, and resources started to come their way to fortify the fledgling endeavor.

The scope of Ukrainian Patriot’s mission expanded rapidly with the unwavering support of a global community. From tangible donations to financial contributions, the organization amassed the means to procure essential resources and establish a fleet of vehicles for aid distribution, each christened with names like Audrey and Bridget. Today, Ukrainian Patriot stands on five foundational pillars: protective gear, medical supplies, humanitarian aid, trauma assistance, and reconstruction efforts.

Ukrainian Patriot Volunteers and Deliverables
Ukrainian Patriot delivers food and pampers to Zarichne, Zaporizhzhia.

Crucial Deliverables

Ukrainian Patriot volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the needs of citizens and military personnel are met. The organization has a rigorous process for receiving, reviewing, and vetting requests for supplies and aid from both organizations and individuals. After this careful process, the organization is ready to gather the requested resources, funded by the donations of its supporters and volunteers.

Ukrainian Patriot Unpacking Supplies
Unpacking Ukrainian Patriot Supplies
Ukrainian patriot delivers medical supplies to Kyiv (left), and military aid is delivered and unpacked in Omel’nyk, Zaporizhzhia (right).

Over its nearly two years of operation, this organization has provided medical aid kits, clothing, food packages, medical training, animal shelters, and more to those in dire need. These supplies are procured within Ukraine to reduce cost and delivery time when possible. When aid and supplies aren’t available in Ukraine, they are expedited from international manufacturers and routed through Ukrainian Patriot’s temporary warehouse in Lublin, Poland, before being delivered directly to the civilian battalions and humanitarian aid workers inside Ukraine.

Missions that Impact

Ukrainian Patriot documents its efforts and each delivery on its website, sharing images that provoke a range of emotions: all human, raw, and real. Happiness, relief, and hope lace the faces of Ukrainian citizens and defenders that receive these packages from Ukrainian Patriot. Children in Korosten are pictured eating pizza. The elderly in Izyum gather around and embrace Ukrainian Patriot volunteers, thanking them for food and hygiene supplies. Groups of teens smile as they are given dance therapy lessons.

Teens Dancing Ukrainian Patriot
Ukrainian Patriot Volunteers Hug
Teens in Izyum, Kharkiv are given dance therapy classes, and Izyum citizens embrace Ukrainian Patriot volunteers after a food and hygeine products delivery.

Ukrainian Patriot defines itself as much more than an organization; it is a movement of people making a real, tangible difference in the lives of those most affected by the ongoing war. Ukrainian Patriot is registered in Ukraine, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Stand with Ukraine: A Call to Action

In these tumultuous times, as Ukraine faces unprecedented challenges and threats to its sovereignty, the need for solidarity and support has never been greater. The ongoing war demands a united response from the global community. Whether it’s advocating for more military aid, providing humanitarian and medical aid, or raising awareness about the situation, every action counts. Now is the time to stand with Ukraine, to show our unwavering support for the people of Ukraine and their defense of their freedom. Let us join hands in solidarity and empathy, reaffirming our commitment to justice, democracy, and human rights. Together, we can make a difference and help pave the way for a brighter future for Ukraine, its citizens, and the world.

How You Can Help

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