In the face of adversity and unprovoked aggression, United Help Ukraine (UHU) stands as a beacon of hope and resilience for the people of Ukraine. With a steadfast commitment to its mission, UHU works tirelessly to provide critical support that enables Ukrainians to survive, defend their sovereign territory, and rebuild for a thriving future. Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves safety, dignity, and opportunity, UHU has already provided over $63.8 million in aid since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. From the streets of Kyiv to the war-torn regions of the east, UHU’s presence is felt, offering a lifeline to those in need. But more than just delivering aid, UHU’s vision extends beyond the immediate crisis, aiming to be a leading voice and partner in Ukraine’s journey to heal, remain free, democratic, and independent.

    Pillars of Support: United Help Ukraine’s Key Programs

    United Help Ukraine’s initiatives encompass four main programs: Defender’s Aid, Humanitarian Aid, Medical Aid, and Awareness. These programs are the pillars of UHU’s efforts to provide critical support and advocate for Ukraine’s freedom and democracy. Within these main programs, there are many offshoot programs, totaling over 40 programs. These projects address a wide range of needs, ensuring comprehensive assistance to those affected by the ongoing war.

    Defender’s Aid is a testament to UHU’s commitment to keeping Ukraine’s soldiers safe and supported on the frontlines. Through initiatives such as the UHU International Center for Tactical Medicine, tactical medicine training, and providing essential electronics and gear, UHU has allocated substantial resources to ensure the well-being and effectiveness of Ukraine’s defenders. This includes investments in tactical medical supplies, surveillance equipment, protective gear, and more, totaling over 25 million USD.

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    Under the Humanitarian Aid program, UHU addresses the immediate needs of Ukraine’s most vulnerable populations, including those in liberated or frontline areas. Through projects like the Welfare Program and the Children’s Project, UHU provides comfort boxes, safety training, and Christmas gifts to children affected by the war. Each of the four thousand (and counting) gifts that UHU has given to children in Ukraine is a small vessel of happiness and comfort for these children in need. At the same time, the over 380 medical and evacuation vehicles provided by UHU’s Transportation Project ensure the swift evacuation of wounded defenders. These vehicles are ambulances and four-wheel-drive vehicles, all supported by a network of repair shops to maintain operational readiness.

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    UHU’s Medical Aid program is its most extensive program, covering virtually every aspect of saving the lives of defenders and civilians. From supplying hospitals and stabilization units with equipment to providing resources and training for mass casualties, UHU ensures that medical facilities are prepared to handle the influx of wounded. The program also extends to mental health support, including therapy centers and training for psychologists through the Smuha Family Resilience and Mental Wellness Project, and assistance for amputees requiring treatment in the United States via the Wounded Warriors Project. So far, UHU has provided nearly 50 therapists, both physical and psychological, who are currently working within Ukraine.

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    United Help Ukraine’s Awareness, Advocacy, and Community Engagement Campaign aims to increase global understanding of Ukraine’s struggle to preserve its freedom and independence. Through cultural events, fundraisers, speaking engagements, and more, UHU advocates for Ukraine’s postwar reconstruction and raises awareness of its global implications.

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    A Multifaceted Approach to Healing and Progression

    With over 40 projects falling within these critical programs, United Help Ukraine is dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of Ukraine’s civilian and military populations affected by the ongoing war. As UHU continues to provide critical support and advocate for Ukraine’s freedom and democracy, its impact reverberates locally and internationally, inspiring hope for a brighter future for Ukraine and its people.

    Meet the Heroes: Stories of Courage and Compassion from United Help Ukraine’s Frontlines

    In our recent blog, “Capturing Courage and the Unsung Heroes: Allan Mestel’s Fourth Journey to Ukraine,” we covered United Help Ukraine’s collaboration with photojournalist and documentary photographer Allan Mestel. In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing the stories of UHU’s unsung heroes who are making a difference on the ground in Ukraine. Allan is currently in Ukraine, capturing the remarkable efforts of these individuals in collaboration with UHU. Stay tuned for firsthand accounts that showcase the profound impact of UHU’s programs and the extraordinary individuals driving positive change in Ukraine.

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